Matic Media

A young, energetic and creative company.

Founded in 2020, Matic Media is based in Changsha, China. With a professional photography and design team, we can provide product photograph, ebc, A+, main picture, main image, video, ideo production, etc. We put customers' needs first and always ready to help you increase the click conversion and translate into accelerated sales. Our main concern is to provide high quality customized service to satisfy clients' requirement. We are committed to telling a good brand story and highlighting the core value of the brand. Through creative content to build the core advantages of the brand, attract the attention of target users so as to bring effect transformation.

We Commit

Our team of specialists is committed to producing the best results in order to make your product a success.

We Research

Our experts know how important market research is! No work is done without extensive research of market trends.

We Deliver

The quality of our work and your time are both of tremendous importance to us. We deliver the best results promptly!

2020 was a very memorable year when our team was established in a small office where a group of spirited young people gathered and worked hard for a common dream. Although our team members are all post-90s, everyone has more than three years of experience in new media and a keen sense of market, so our works always fit the needs of our clients perfectly.

Thank you very much to everyone who provided us with valuable advice and cheered us on our development path, because of you, matic media will become better!

Matic Media

It will always be with you